October in Warsaw

It was raining for two months.  But that doesn’t  mean that life has stopped spinning, on the contrary.

October 14th is the day of national education, otherwise the day of the teacher. We tried to give flowers, chocolates and the wishes to all teachers. And that’s what we do every year.

The match between Armenia and Poland is not happening every year, for sure. Held on 5th October 2017, ended with a score of 6-1. It was a great excitement for our fans. The next match took place on 8th October. We won 4-2. We’re proud with ours footballers. We have qualified for the world championship!

The same day and the next day we had Diversity Day! It was a unique time when the participants looked at different dimensions of diversity. There were workshops, lectures, concerts and presentations. It was really cool! Maybe as much as the Warsaw Film Festival.

On October 18th, Sarsa will release a new single “Butterflies and Moths” and Ania Dąbrowska will release a new album and release a new single. Hope you’ll enjoy that! We have the music, so we will have the movies too.

Until 22nd October we had the chance to participate in exceptional shows which took place in Warsaw. It calls Warsaw Film Festival Launches. The organizers have prepared 6 films for us.

Halloween is coming soon. Ghost Festival, enjoys unending popularity, so there will be dark, bloody and terrible events.  In Halloween, kids come to the school to pick up horrible characters. Children go home from home and collect candy.

So to summarize it to you: Poland is a wonderful country all year round, all seasons. 

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