Official world bee day

Committee of the UN General Assembly of unanimously accepted the idea of world bee day, and it’s supposed to be officially announced in the middle of December and everybody is excited, since this idea has been following us around for 3 years (Slovenia has been striving for it ever since 2014). And this year, it finally came to life.

Until now, almost all countries of the world accepted this special day, many of the bigger countries even want to co-sponsor the whole thing, which is great.

Our agricultural minister Dejan Židan reminded us all, of how important bees are for us and how much we should rely on them and that it for sure is an undeniable fact, that the human race could not survive without them and other pollinators, and he has stated that ‘’these insects are responsible for every 3rd spoon of food we eat, and we are destroying them with pollution and climate change’’. 

It’s about time we start looking out for bees and appreciate them more.



​Dejan Židan

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