Christmas in our school

(School, December 2017)

In our school we have done different activities preparing and living these special days that for us are Christmas, moreover when we are a Catholic school, so in this month we organize a lot of activities associated with Christmas.

Christmas performance

Every year to finish the first term, taking advantage of Christmas, all the students of the school prepare Christmas carols, that afterwards will be presented to the friends and the family in a Christmas festival.

This festival happened during the days 18th and 19th of December. On 18th, in the school auditorium (we call it theatre) children from kindergarten (3, 4 and 5 years old) showed their performances dancing and singing Christmas carols as “Jingle Bells”, “We wish you a Merry Christmas” and “The dancing Christmas tree”. They made it brilliant!!!

On 19th, like in the previous day, the acting was divided in two parts. In the first part students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd of primary played Christmas carols as: “Campana sobre campana (Bell over bell)”, “Arre borriquito (Gee up little donkey)” and “Dulce Navidad (Sweet Christmas)”. Students from 1st of secondary also played a traditional Spanish carol named “Fué en Belén (It was in Bethlehem)”.

Later, in the second part, 4º, 5º and 6º primary students sang some famous Gloria Estefan songs from the album Opening doors, in which several of the songs refer to Christmas and the New Year. They sang Opening doors”, “Little lamp” and “Beyond”

Finally the students from 4th of secondary sang a Christmas carol made by themselves changing popular lyric songs like “Despacito” into comedy Christmas songs. Here you can see them singing:!AjlaHWNuf78C7Qb1N1ZYBq52FNxJ

At the entrance of the theatre, and as a part of the solidarity campaign that our school do during all the school year, the people (family and friends) that came to watch the Christmas festival had to pay the entrance with typical Christmas food like nougat, chocolate or shortbread cookies. This food will be destined to CARITAS, that is a catholic social association that helps people without resources who need it.

Nativity scenes:

Many students from primary and secondary grade made nativity scenes with different materials like shells, clay, paper roll, old fabrics, basically recyclable materials. This activity is made during December, and the nativity scenes are exhibited in the school, the classes visit them, and all the families and visitors can enjoy with them in these dates.

We even have a big nativity scene in the chapel with old traditional figures and the 3rd and 4th of secondary level students with their teachers prepare it. In the kindergarten there are also one nativity scene made by themselves with their teachers help.

Children and students have been making different Christmas cards for the decoration of the school. An exhibition with all the cards had been made during December in the school.

Choir´s performances.

On 20th of December morning, the school choir visited the three elderly residences of our village. They were accompanied by their moms and dads, Mr. Paco, the principal of the school, and the primary head teacher Mrs. Clemen.

They sang songs that they have been preparing with Mr. Manuel, the primary music teacher during this term in the music class.

Elderly visit

On the 21st of December (this day we do not have classes as usual, it is a special school day with special timetable, just with solidarity activities), we received the visit of the residents of the three local elderly residences in Olivenza. The elders came to the school to spend time with the students during the morning. Students have been visiting the residence during the term, every Monday, doing workshops, painting Christmas, talking with them… in a wonderful programme named “Between elders”. Around fifteen elders came to the school, but it was a really cold day, and because of that some of them could not come with us.

The residents came very happy. The students from 4th  and 3rd grade of secondary received and took care of them in two different halls of the school, where in groups with the students, they did different activities like stand out the decoration of a Christmas tree making personalized Christmas decorations by the elderly people with students help.

After this, between laughs, the residents talked with the students and told them how they lived in their childhood the Christmas, they ate shortbread cookies and drunk some typical liquors (without alcohol, of course). The little kids from the kindergarden sang them carols, and finally the 4th of secondary students sang them their original carol we talked before.

At the end they were to see the raffle where they could get some awards. Then, we took them to the principal door and the responsible of their care, bring them to the residence.


Live Nativity Scene

In the school, in the garden of the entrance, the Old Students Association perform a representation of Jesus Christ birth make by people of our village. We can find shepherds, Herod King, washerwomen, inns, the manger and the castle and all the characters you can imagine in a Nativity scene, but with real people and animals. In addition to this there is a local choir called the “Chirivejes” that sang traditional carols.

Last years the Old Students Association used to perform this representation in a park near to the school, but this year they recovered the original space where they did it in the past, because in the first appearances of this live Nativity scene were in the school garden.

This year wit was performed it in 23rd of December

Old Students Association was created by Mr. José Hidalgo Marco, the priest founder of our school, and it is made up of old students with the purpose of still doing activities related with the school.

School solidary raffle.

This year we have beginning a new project, a solidary raffle. The student’s families were asked to bring to the school presents like, toys, dolls, books, cuddly toys and all kind of gifts during the month of December. The presents must be new or practically new.

Many parents of students have volunteered to help in the organization of the raffle, labeling and numbering the gifts and finally selling the tickets and giving the gifts to the participants. And even the 4th of secondary students helped going class by class collecting all the toys that students were bringing during those days.

The raffle has taken place on 21st of December in the kindergarten playground. Parent´s volunteer sold the tickets and distributed the awards to the lucky people that participated. From 10.30 a.m. the school doors were opened to all the people that wanted to visit us. It was an open day.

Each ticket cost 0´50€, and you could win a number (present) or lose getting a “keep playing”. All the students had the opportunity to participate.

All the money raised will be invested to start a program to help the families of the school that we are going to put into operation in the following months wth the objective to help the families of our students with social, economic, legal, etc needs. The programme name is “School that shelter”.

With all this activities our school, according with its educative programme, try to show to the students to live Christmas in a special way, from the solidarity.


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